Looking Back at the Career of Mike Tyson as a Boxer

Barely after the birth of Mike Tyson, his father walked out and so his mother looked after him but unfortunately, she died during his early teenage life. Mike Tyson led a carefree life after his mother’s dead and so he committed petty crimes to make a living. At times when he is caught, he would let his hands do the talking to escape the situation.

mike_tysonHaving seen the potential of Mike Tyson, Cus D’Amato took care of him to train in boxing. After training him in boxing, he participated in the junior Boxing Olympics and won a gold medal and since then there was no looking back. He became a professional heavy weight-boxing champion barely at the age of twenty years and four months after knocking out Hector Mercedes.

In all twenty-eight of his first fights, he won all and the first two were won by a knock out. Most of his opponents hardly go for the second round and so his fame grew like wild fire when he was still very young.


What made Mike Tyson a Successful Boxer?

Every boxer gets good training from their trainer and so was Mike Tyson but there was something different in Mike Tyson’s potential and skill. He had extremely high speed of his hands, which his opponents could hardly resist it.

The opponents could not understand something about his attacks because he knew the timing when to give them a punch so that they could not protect it. He had good coordination in boxing so he was always successful in the ring.

Mike Tyson not only attacked but also has a good self defense. He attacked while at the same defended well to resist the punches of his opponents. Mike Tyson’s neat defense is what the opponents failed to hit him.


Why did Mike Tyson Fail as a Boxer in the Mid of his Career?

When we look back at the early days of his life, he had lived a wild life that most people had not lived and so he was tend to come back to his old unruly life of his younger days. At the peak of his career, he married actress Robin Givens but their marriage was punctuated due to domestic violence. The actor described life with Mike Tyson as torture and hell.

He went on to marry for the second and the third time and have eight children from different wives. Finally, the turmoil of his married life had an effect on his training and stability of his mind. He could not focus well in his training and so Buster Douglas knocked him out for the first time in his career as a boxer in 1990.

Finally, rape against beauty queen Desiree of Washington at Indianapolis hotel took him to prison for six years. When he was produced in the court, he had the attitude that he had the entitlement to have any woman he wanted. Eventually, his behavior outside the ring ruined his career and reputation to the least.

The Beginning of the End of his Downfall

The fight with Evander Holly Field was the beginning of the downfall of Tyson’s career as a boxer. He bit off a chunk of Holly Field’s ears in the ring. Though he was an iron man in the ring, he was a rapist on the other side of his life and that brought his downfall as a heavy weight champion.