Who is the Last Man Standing in the Movie Undisputed II?

Undisputed II: Last Man Standing is a super action movie by Isaac Florentine. Michael Jai White casts the movie as George Iceman Chambers. The film has a nice plot to identify the best and the undisputed hero in the cell.

The Early Life of Michael Jai White

michael-jai-whiteHe was born on 10 November 1967 at New Rochelle in New York. Michael had started learning martial art at the age of seven. Initially, he had training in Japanese martial art called Jujeetsu and Shotokan. However, as he grew up, he obtained black belts in nine different martial arts like Goju Ryu, Tang Soo Do, Wushu, Shotokan and Tae Kwon Do etc. to mention a few. Formerly he was a teacher in education but he gave up his former profession and join acting as his career. He had his major breakthrough performance in the HBO film Tyson in 1995. His popularity grew and so he got more acting roles in different movies. In the famous action movie Universal soldier, he played opposite Van Damme and Steven Seagal in Exit Wounds.

Personal Life of Michael Jai White

He married Courtney Chatham in 2005 at the peak of his acting career when his popularity was growing and they have a daughter Morgan out of their marriage. Michael and Courtney divorced in 2011 and that was the end of his first marriage.

Just recently in July 2015, he married actress Gillian IIiana Waters in Thailand. Michael Jai White calls Waters “The One” to show his affection for Waters for her role in making him the very best of himself.

The Plots of Undisputed II: Last Man Standing


Michael Jai White was Iceman Chambers in the movie and he was a boxer. He was roaming around Russia for boxing matches but unfortunately, the police framed him for possession of cocaine in the cut out Bible and that landed him to jail. In the prison, he discovered illegal martial art matches between inmates. The warden Gaga asked him to fight Boyka who was the best inmates in the Russian prison. However, he refused to fight at first but unable to bear the brutalities of the guards and detaining him in the sewers was so miserable that he unwillingly agreed to fight Boyka.

He was fighting a good fight in the first round against Boyka but during the interval, Boyka’s gangs manhandled Steven who was Michael’s corner man to give him spike water. They had mixed the water with sedatives and so in the fight that ensued, Iceman Chambers was badly defeated. When he came back to his sense, he found that Steven had hanged himself out of guilt for the spiked water. He confronted Boyka and demanded for a rematch.

The Closing Scenes of the Action Movie


The preparation for the second fight was ready. It was a long and intense fight with Boyka’s leg flying high and so Iceman Chambers knew that he should not prolong the fight. He changed the strategy and applied the technique of a joint lock, which Crot had taught him and so the moment he got the chance, he grabbed and broke the leg of Boyka. Iceman Chambers was the last man standing in Undisputed II. He was released from the prison and he even secured the release of Crot who had a happy reunion with his niece and brings the curtain down.

From what we see, Iceman Chambers was the last man standing to defeat Boyka, the defending champion of the Russian prison. The officials and warden were making money at the expense of the fighters for their personal gains. The action movie is not only indication of the skills of the artists but also indication of the existence of corrupt officials within the four walls of the prison.