Who is the Last Man Standing in the Movie Undisputed II?

Undisputed II: Last Man Standing is a super action movie by Isaac Florentine. Michael Jai White casts the movie as George Iceman Chambers. The film has a nice plot to identify the best and the undisputed hero in the cell.

The Early Life of Michael Jai White

michael-jai-whiteHe was born on 10 November 1967 at New Rochelle in New York. Michael had started learning martial art at the age of seven. Initially, he had training in Japanese martial art called Jujeetsu and Shotokan. However, as he grew up, he obtained black belts in nine different martial arts like Goju Ryu, Tang Soo Do, Wushu, Shotokan and Tae Kwon Do etc. to mention a few. Formerly he was a teacher in education but he gave up his former profession and join acting as his career. He had his major breakthrough performance in the HBO film Tyson in 1995. His popularity grew and so he got more acting roles in different movies. In the famous action movie Universal soldier, he played opposite Van Damme and Steven Seagal in Exit Wounds.

Personal Life of Michael Jai White

He married Courtney Chatham in 2005 at the peak of his acting career when his popularity was growing and they have a daughter Morgan out of their marriage. Michael and Courtney divorced in 2011 and that was the end of his first marriage.

Just recently in July 2015, he married actress Gillian IIiana Waters in Thailand. Michael Jai White calls Waters “The One” to show his affection for Waters for her role in making him the very best of himself.

The Plots of Undisputed II: Last Man Standing


Michael Jai White was Iceman Chambers in the movie and he was a boxer. He was roaming around Russia for boxing matches but unfortunately, the police framed him for possession of cocaine in the cut out Bible and that landed him to jail. In the prison, he discovered illegal martial art matches between inmates. The warden Gaga asked him to fight Boyka who was the best inmates in the Russian prison. However, he refused to fight at first but unable to bear the brutalities of the guards and detaining him in the sewers was so miserable that he unwillingly agreed to fight Boyka.

He was fighting a good fight in the first round against Boyka but during the interval, Boyka’s gangs manhandled Steven who was Michael’s corner man to give him spike water. They had mixed the water with sedatives and so in the fight that ensued, Iceman Chambers was badly defeated. When he came back to his sense, he found that Steven had hanged himself out of guilt for the spiked water. He confronted Boyka and demanded for a rematch.

The Closing Scenes of the Action Movie


The preparation for the second fight was ready. It was a long and intense fight with Boyka’s leg flying high and so Iceman Chambers knew that he should not prolong the fight. He changed the strategy and applied the technique of a joint lock, which Crot had taught him and so the moment he got the chance, he grabbed and broke the leg of Boyka. Iceman Chambers was the last man standing in Undisputed II. He was released from the prison and he even secured the release of Crot who had a happy reunion with his niece and brings the curtain down.

From what we see, Iceman Chambers was the last man standing to defeat Boyka, the defending champion of the Russian prison. The officials and warden were making money at the expense of the fighters for their personal gains. The action movie is not only indication of the skills of the artists but also indication of the existence of corrupt officials within the four walls of the prison.

A Moment to Remember Bruce Lee’s Lightning Speed Kicks

What’s in a kick if it lacks speed? Bruce Lee had a lightning speed in his kicks that his opponents could hardly see it come. In a split of seconds, he could hit his opponents two three times. Chuck Norris, a friend of Bruce Lee admitted that he could not face the speed of his punches and kicks.


What’s so Different About Bruce Lee?

Nobody exactly knows why he was so different from the others. Even after forty years of his death, the speed he possessed is still a legend. Bruce Lee was born in the exact year and hour of the dragon and according to what the Chinese believes, such persons are extra ordinary in skills. May be it is true but nobody knows for sure.

During his childhood days, Bruce Lee used to be very naughty and he used to involve in gang fights. The Hong Kong police even warned his parents that he would be arrested if he were found involving in gang fights. In order to avoid such a situation, he was moved to San Francisco with a $100 in his pocket. Yip man was his first martial art teacher.

Bruce Lee had an arrogant temper and so when he got angry, he used to demonstrate his anger in his punches and kicks. The extra ordinary skills and talents in martial arts earned him a name and that brought him to Hollywood. His entry into Hollywood brought the influence of martial art in the western countries. Bruce Lee is known for the power, precision and speed coupled with one-inch punch.

Bruce Lee opened three martial art schools at different places and taught even non- Chinese people in his school but the Chinese had the tradition that they couldn’t teach Chinese martial art to other people and so he faced a fierce challenge by one Chinese Kung Fu master. He accepted the challenge and put him down within three minutes and so he continued with his teaching of martial art in his school.

Fist of Fury and the Game of Death exhibited his real skills, so his popularity grew day by day, and so he got more and more stress. He even started consuming cannabis in little quantity to keep him from the pressures he got. People believed that he got the strength of a man who was twice his size and so coupled with his speed; his opponents didn’t dare to confront him. Bruce Lee didn’t live to see the release of the movies Enter the Dragon.

The Famous Bruce Lee Kick
The Famous Bruce Lee Kick

The Mystery of Bruce Lee’s Tragic Death

The night he died, he complained of mild headache and so he had Equagesic painkiller. However, he laid down to sleep never to be awaken. The tragic dead of Bruce Lee was so sudden that it left thousands of his fans in tears.

Different doctors gave different reasons for his dead. Some said it was the combination of Cannabis and Equagesic which caused his dead because cannabis were found in his stomach but his family doctor claimed that there was no history of anyone dying out of consuming cannabis and so the cause is still a mystery. Forensic pathology was conducted extensively to find out what caused his tragic death and finally it was confirmed that he had hypersensitive reaction to one of the compositions of the painkiller, which caused the fluid of the brain to swell resulting into his death. Though Bruce Lee had an average physique, he was solid and all muscles. Martial art is a sport as well as an art to defend oneself from the enemies. Bruce Lee’s double kicks and round kicks still inspire numerous people around the world. He got perfection of his skills by practicing very hard and excelled in the field. Bruce Lee used to say that he feared of the man who practices one step 10,000 times rather than the man who practice 10,000 steps once.

Looking Back at the Career of Mike Tyson as a Boxer

Barely after the birth of Mike Tyson, his father walked out and so his mother looked after him but unfortunately, she died during his early teenage life. Mike Tyson led a carefree life after his mother’s dead and so he committed petty crimes to make a living. At times when he is caught, he would let his hands do the talking to escape the situation.

mike_tysonHaving seen the potential of Mike Tyson, Cus D’Amato took care of him to train in boxing. After training him in boxing, he participated in the junior Boxing Olympics and won a gold medal and since then there was no looking back. He became a professional heavy weight-boxing champion barely at the age of twenty years and four months after knocking out Hector Mercedes.

In all twenty-eight of his first fights, he won all and the first two were won by a knock out. Most of his opponents hardly go for the second round and so his fame grew like wild fire when he was still very young.


What made Mike Tyson a Successful Boxer?

Every boxer gets good training from their trainer and so was Mike Tyson but there was something different in Mike Tyson’s potential and skill. He had extremely high speed of his hands, which his opponents could hardly resist it.

The opponents could not understand something about his attacks because he knew the timing when to give them a punch so that they could not protect it. He had good coordination in boxing so he was always successful in the ring.

Mike Tyson not only attacked but also has a good self defense. He attacked while at the same defended well to resist the punches of his opponents. Mike Tyson’s neat defense is what the opponents failed to hit him.


Why did Mike Tyson Fail as a Boxer in the Mid of his Career?

When we look back at the early days of his life, he had lived a wild life that most people had not lived and so he was tend to come back to his old unruly life of his younger days. At the peak of his career, he married actress Robin Givens but their marriage was punctuated due to domestic violence. The actor described life with Mike Tyson as torture and hell.

He went on to marry for the second and the third time and have eight children from different wives. Finally, the turmoil of his married life had an effect on his training and stability of his mind. He could not focus well in his training and so Buster Douglas knocked him out for the first time in his career as a boxer in 1990.

Finally, rape against beauty queen Desiree of Washington at Indianapolis hotel took him to prison for six years. When he was produced in the court, he had the attitude that he had the entitlement to have any woman he wanted. Eventually, his behavior outside the ring ruined his career and reputation to the least.

The Beginning of the End of his Downfall

The fight with Evander Holly Field was the beginning of the downfall of Tyson’s career as a boxer. He bit off a chunk of Holly Field’s ears in the ring. Though he was an iron man in the ring, he was a rapist on the other side of his life and that brought his downfall as a heavy weight champion.

Jean Claude Van Damme, “The Muscleman of Brussels.”

Jean Claude Van Damme, one of the super action heroes of Hollywood was born at Brussels in Belgium on 18 October 1960. As a child, he was skinny and so to build up muscles, his father enrolled him in Karate lessons at the age of eleven. He was a quick learner and so he participated and earned many laurels in Karate tournaments during his teenage. His talents and skills in martial arts made him rose to stardom at a very young age.


Why is Van Damme Aging so Fast?

Only God knows the truth why he is aging so fast unlike his contemporaries however, his fans have a few assumptions on what makes him aged faster than the others of his time.

  • Perhaps he did over exercise during his training to gain mastery of the different forms of martial arts. In fact, martial art requires a lot of stretching of the hands and the legs to exert the muscles. Daily practice makes the muscles grow bigger and makes the skin tight to have a solid body. The fibers of the muscles running across his body is what most of his fans admire the most. While trying to achieve perfection in the art, he must have over stretched and so when he stopped the practice, may be his muscles contracted to have a loosen skin and probably that gives him the ungraceful look at the age of barely fifty four.
  • The handsome artist looked perfect but sadly, he is not perfect because he has bipolar disorder. Surprisingly, he had extreme mood swings since his childhood days but it was diagnosed for bipolar disorder only in 1998 and so he had to take pills to keep him from stress, and probably that’s one of the reasons for his early aging.
  • The other probable reason could be his food and drinking habits. Though no one knows the exact reasons, it is quite probable that the kind of food he eats directly or indirectly affects his health and contributed to his early ageing.

The Best of Van Damme’s Movies at a Glance

  • Cyborg 1989
  • Lion heart 1990
  • Double Impact 1991
  • Universal Soldier 1992
  • Time cop 1994

In all those movies, this macho man exhibited his skills in martial art with his 360-degree swing to give the villains beautiful smacks on their faces and that’s the most beautiful moments the audience would applause with appreciation. His fans would remember him for his powerful kicks.

 High Flying Kick of Van-Damme

High Flying Kick of Van-Damme

Final Thought

Claude Van Damme’s beautiful swinging kicks and powerful punches make him the icon and model to many young boys and girls. His action movies has inspired them to take up martial art for a cause but sadly, he is aging like the setting sun and that is the tragedy of his fans who are never tired of his talents and skills in martial arts.