Invest Less on Healthcare and Spent More for Physical Fitness

physical fitnessThe world is growing very fast with advancement in technology and as a result, people have less activity in their everyday life. When there are less physical activities, there are more problems of obesity and other health related issues.

Why do you have to spend Less on Healthcares?

The only solution we have for this question is that when there are no physical activities, it causes a lot of health related issues and therefore we need to focus more on physical activities. Instead of trying to control obesity with medicines, it is more effective to exercise and burn the calories on its own. People tend to get sick when they have less physical activities. If one remains idle without doing any sort of physical work, they accumulate more fat and it’s a pain trying to maintain a normal status of health.

Having less activity in one’s life is partly attributed to modern inventions. What people do these days is simply press the buttons to acquire a thing. Manual work is out of place now. People hardly wash clothes on their own because they have their machines to do for them. Therefore, it is wiser for us to give a second thought and spend a few hours in a day to do exercise. In this case, learning martial arts is very important. Age has nothing to do with learning martial art because it is simply a kind of exercise to keep you fit.

The idea behind investing less on healthcare is to spend more on fitness exercise like martial arts so that you can prevent ailments of different kinds which means you don’t have to spend on medicines. In America, 80% of the works don’t require physical activities and so it causes more obesity problems at the end. What the Americans do is spend more on healthcares instead of encouraging physical activities so that employees have fewer sick leaves.

Some Effects of Obesity

A person having no physical activities have less productivity, focus, discipline, creativity and energy. Overweight is one of the worst effects of obesity. When one becomes overweight, laziness to do physical exercises creeps in stealthily and consequently, the belly accumulates more fats and makes one go out of structure. If it persists for long, it causes strokes, heart attack and many other ailments of the body.

Why You Should Practice Martial Arts


Many parents have misconceptions of learning martial arts as an encouragement to allow children to fight but in fact, it cultivates lifelong habits of self-discipline and self-esteem. No teacher teaches children to fight unless others try to inflict upon him. It is not only an art of self-defense but also a sport to compete with others. Learning martial art requires endurance because one needs to practice every day to have mastery of the art.

Whether to punch, kick or jump, one needs to do in speed by exerting energies and to achieve this, constant practice is a necessity. Learning how to breathe correctly is an art to learn for athletes, boxers, singers and martial art artist alike. Learning this art drastically reduces cardiovascular diseases. The benefits of learning martial art are immense for physical fitness. It makes one stronger and healthier.

The Bottom Line

Martial art artists have good body structures with sound mind and sound health. They are healthier than most common people are. They have more patience and self-esteem compared with those who never attended martial art school. If you don’t want to have swollen bellies by the time you attain thirty years, it is better to learn martial art so that we remain physically fit and proportionate in structure.

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