Jean Claude Van Damme, “The Muscleman of Brussels.”

Jean Claude Van Damme, one of the super action heroes of Hollywood was born at Brussels in Belgium on 18 October 1960. As a child, he was skinny and so to build up muscles, his father enrolled him in Karate lessons at the age of eleven. He was a quick learner and so he participated and earned many laurels in Karate tournaments during his teenage. His talents and skills in martial arts made him rose to stardom at a very young age.


Why is Van Damme Aging so Fast?

Only God knows the truth why he is aging so fast unlike his contemporaries however, his fans have a few assumptions on what makes him aged faster than the others of his time.

  • Perhaps he did over exercise during his training to gain mastery of the different forms of martial arts. In fact, martial art requires a lot of stretching of the hands and the legs to exert the muscles. Daily practice makes the muscles grow bigger and makes the skin tight to have a solid body. The fibers of the muscles running across his body is what most of his fans admire the most. While trying to achieve perfection in the art, he must have over stretched and so when he stopped the practice, may be his muscles contracted to have a loosen skin and probably that gives him the ungraceful look at the age of barely fifty four.
  • The handsome artist looked perfect but sadly, he is not perfect because he has bipolar disorder. Surprisingly, he had extreme mood swings since his childhood days but it was diagnosed for bipolar disorder only in 1998 and so he had to take pills to keep him from stress, and probably that’s one of the reasons for his early aging.
  • The other probable reason could be his food and drinking habits. Though no one knows the exact reasons, it is quite probable that the kind of food he eats directly or indirectly affects his health and contributed to his early ageing.

The Best of Van Damme’s Movies at a Glance

  • Cyborg 1989
  • Lion heart 1990
  • Double Impact 1991
  • Universal Soldier 1992
  • Time cop 1994

In all those movies, this macho man exhibited his skills in martial art with his 360-degree swing to give the villains beautiful smacks on their faces and that’s the most beautiful moments the audience would applause with appreciation. His fans would remember him for his powerful kicks.

 High Flying Kick of Van-Damme

High Flying Kick of Van-Damme

Final Thought

Claude Van Damme’s beautiful swinging kicks and powerful punches make him the icon and model to many young boys and girls. His action movies has inspired them to take up martial art for a cause but sadly, he is aging like the setting sun and that is the tragedy of his fans who are never tired of his talents and skills in martial arts.

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